BLENDERUL OPTIMUM G 2.1 – secretul rețetelor mele

BLENDERUL OPTIMUM G 2.1 – secretul rețetelor mele

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Blenderul Optimum G 2.1 este un blender de mare putere, care m-a surprins inca de la inceput cu rapiditatea cu care puteam sa fac diferite meniuri vegane. Am folosit inainte mai multe blendere, de la mai multi producatori, insa cu blenderul Optimim G 2.1 retetele mele au un cu totul alt gust, si nu numai, dar si timpul pregatirii lor este mai scurt.

Cele 6 cutite din inox sunt formidabile, asigurand o maruntire foarte fina in cazul pateurilor si cremelor. Am fost extrem de impresionata cand am vazut rezultatele vizavi de retetele facute cu alte blendere. Este o diferenta foarte mare!

Posibilitatile retetelor care pot fi facute cu acest blender a crescut considerabil. Nu numai ca inventez retete noi datorita acestui blender, dar si retetele de dinainte, au capatat un alt gust – de la pateuri, sosuri, creme, pana la supe, smoothiuri sau sucuri fresh etc.

Nu doar ca sunt foarte multumita de acest blender, dar in scurt timp a devenit o parte integranta din bucataria mea. Retetele pe blogul meu, care au fost facute cu acest blender, sunt o dovada a valorii si superioritatii blenderului – din multe puncte de vedere.

Incercati-l, si nu veti regreta sub nici o forma! Duceti-va pasiunea culinara la un alt nivel.

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Alina Moisa – 


Optimum G 2.1 blender is a powerful blender that surprised me from the very beginning with the rapidity I could make different dishes. Before, I used many blenders, different brands, but with Optimum G 2.1 my recipes have a different new nifty taste – not only that, but the time preparing different dishes is shorter now.

The 6 stainless steel blades are incredible, making my creams and pates extremely smooth. I was very impressed when I saw the results compared to other blenders. It is a huge difference!

The possibility of recipes being done with this blender has grown considerably for me. Not only that I invent new recipes because of this fantastic blender…. But the former recipes (like pate, sauces, creams, soups, smoothies or fresh juices) have another smooth taste.

I am not only very happy with this blender, but shortly has become part of my kitchen. The recipes on my blog – – that have been done with this blender are a proof of the value and superiority of this blender – from many points of view – in regard with other blenders, quite a few, that I experimented in my kitchen with before.

Try it, and you will be happy to have such a powerful help in your kitchen.

Take your culinary passion to the next level.


Alina Moisa –